Hi! I'm Advait Saravade πŸ‘‹, a code-writing, engineering student at UBC.
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About Advait πŸ€”

I’m a 2nd year engineering undergrad learning about computers. I study at the Vancouver campus of the University of British Columbia in Canada and was born 20 years ago in Mumbai, India.

Education πŸ€“

Self Learning β€” From each job, class, co-worker, book, article, meet-up or life experience
This is how I've grown up. It is how I know 80% of of what I know, and how I can improve it. At the moment I'm learning #PreciousMetalProcessing, #CoalAsh, #MachineLearning, #Statistics
Vancouver, CAN
Sep' 2016 - Present
Applied Sciences Student, Bachelor Degree β€” University of British Columbia
I'm studying my engineering degree at UBC in Canada. This is where I learned #MineralProcessing, #Geology, #CrushingAndGrinding, #CanadianWinters, #TeamWork, #RockMechanics, #StudyingAbroad
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Currently Reading πŸ“–

Statistics David Freedman A very useful book on statistics for people who haven't grown up dealing with numbers.
How Mining Works W. Scott Dunbar If you've never been exposed to the industry, this is a great book for you, written in an easy to understand language, without being unnecessarily dumbed down.
Love and Math Edward Frenkel This is my bed-time read. This almost auto-biographical text about the life a Jewish mathematician who emigrated from 1960s Russia to the US where he is the head of the UCB Math Department.

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